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Cha-Ching - Women are cashing in on the big business of fantasy football

Mary Johnson, Editor


Front page feature from the Business Journals

Full Article HERE. Excerpt Below:

Rebecca Zaccard is a serious football fan.

I mean, look at her. Does that look like a woman who takes the fate of her home team, the Green Bay Packers, lightly?

But her relationship with the sport has evolved over the years. When she was young, growing up the youngest of four daughters in Madison, Wis., football and family went hand in hand.

“Sundays after church, it would be Packer parties, and aunts and uncles and neighbors would come over,” she tells me. “It was always a part of my life and never something I realized wasn’t normal.”

And it’s true. For a long time, it wasn’t normal for a woman to get geeky over football (outside the state of Wisconsin, that is). But it’s fast becoming much more normal for women to care about football — and care a lot. And not just for their home teams. A growing number of women are upping their NFL knowledge by taking part in fantasy leagues. And some are looking to turn that newfound passion for fantasy into big business opportunities.

Together with her partner, Travis Platt, Zaccard, 29, is the co-host, co-creator and co-executive producer of “BLITZED,” a fan-focused football show with a strong fantasy component that launched last fall on YouTube.

“Fantasy is such a huge part of being a football fan now,” she says. “It’s growing exponentially each year, so we knew we wanted to have a huge fantasy football element to the show.”

She's right, fantasy is huge. It's a multibillion-dollar industry. And she's not the only woman who's looking to cash in.

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