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Janesville native Rebecca Zaccard living out a dream as live event host for Packers and at Super Bowl

Eric Schmoldt


Feature from the Front Page of the Janesville Gazette Sports Section

Full Article HERE. Excerpt Below:

In the weeks leading up to her wedding in July 2018, Rebecca Zaccard’s phone rang.

On the other end of the line was Rossi Morreale, the founder and CEO of Event Host Live, a company that aims to “develop, coach and supply the best hosts/emcee’s for any and all types of live events.” Morreale wanted to know what Zaccard had planned for the days following her nuptials.

A trip was in the works, the Janesville native explained.

“Well,” Morreale responded, “Now you’re headed to Green Bay ...”

The honeymoon could wait. Zaccard’s dream gig beckoned.

Zaccard married Steve Gibson on July 21, 2018.

The following Saturday, the two were posing for photos again, this time at Lambeau Field.

Buy NowRebecca Zaccard, right, a Janesville native, poses with her husband, Steve Gibson, at Lambeau Field days after their wedding in 2018. Instead of a honeymoon, Zaccard and Gibson traveled to Green Bay, where Zaccard worked for the Packers as a live event host as part of the Packers Experience.

A diehard fan of the Packers, Zaccard was hired to host an event as part of the Packers Experience, a celebration of 100 seasons.

“If it had just been that one-off event, that in itself would have been a dream come true,” said Zaccard, a 2003 Craig High graduate. “But it’s turned into so much more.”

A year and a half later, the green and gold parties have not stopped.

Zaccard just wrapped up her second season as event host of pep rallies put on by Packers Everywhere, an official extension of the Packers that aims to connect Packers fans around the world.

The Packers Experience event went so well that Packers Everywhere decided to add Zaccard to its events.

Several times throughout a season, Packers Everywhere hosts a party the Saturday before a road game. The rallies typically include an appearance from team president and CEO Mark Murphy, chats with radio voice Wayne Larivee, game breakdowns with writers and cameos from former Packers players.

Zaccard, as the emcee, brings energy to the stage, keeps attendees apprised of what’s coming up next and leads contests that include prizes. More than anything, she is the Packers fan to lead all Packers fans.

The 2018 season featured parties in Washington D.C., Los Angeles and Minneapolis. This season took Zaccard to Chicago, Dallas and back to L.A. The Packers also held a home pep rally before the Oct. 19 game against Oakland. And with the Packers back in the postseason, Zaccard hosted playoff pep rallies in Green Bay—before the victory over Seattle—and Palo Alto, California, the night before the loss in the NFC Championship game.

“The whole thing has just been incredible,” Zaccard said. “At one event, I mentioned to Mark Murphy that my parents were attending. I didn’t event point them out, but he went over, asked if they were my parents, introduced himself and had a conversation.

“Everyone in the Packers organization has been great.”

Janesville native Rebecca Zaccard speaks with Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy.

Zaccard serves as an event host for Packers Everywhere pep rallies. Packers Everywhere was created by the Green Bay Packers as place to find official Packers bars and events and connect fans, and it began hosting pep rallies the day before some games during the 2018 season.

Bubba Franks, Ryan Longwell, Nick Barnett, Al Harris and most recently Jordy Nelson are just some of the former players that have stopped by the tailgate parties.

“I’ve been able to keep it professional on stage,” Zaccard said, “but there’s definitely a part of me that is giddy on the inside.”

Zaccard also laughs at the winding road that led her to this stage.

“I moved to California to pursue acting,” she said. “And now it has all led me back to Wisconsin and the Packers. And then when I get on the stage and am playing to Packers fans, there isn’t even any acting involved at all, because I really am a huge fan.”

Another Super Bowl

This week, Zaccard has been in Miami hosting events at the Super Bowl for the fifth straight season.

She originally saw that Event Host Live was looking for hosts. And though she had no experience hosting live events, between her bubbly personality and her football fandom, Zaccard believed she was perfect for the job.

She auditioned and got the gig.

“Then, I was getting ready to go on stage and it was like, ‘OK, this is actually happening,’” Zaccard recalled.

She did well enough in her first gig that she began working regularly with Event Host Live.

In February 2018, the Packers had executives at the Super Bowl in Minneapolis, where Zaccard was again working as an event host. It was there the wheels were first set in motion for Zaccard to begin her dream gig with the Packers Everywhere tailgates.

Two years later, it is almost as if Zaccard’s honeymoon has never ended.

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