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Voyage LA - Meet Rebecca Zaccard

Today we’d like to introduce you to Rebecca Zaccard.

"So, before we jump into specific questions, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
Well, I guess it all started 11 years ago when I decided to pick up and move to Los Angeles, like many starry-eyed recent graduates from Midwestern states are wont to do. I was an actress with bigger dreams than I felt that Madison, Wisconsin had to offer. And I did it. I moved, I made a life here, I followed my dream, and then over time, my dream changed. I realized slowly that I’d rather be myself than play a role, that I’d rather improvise than read a script (unless I wrote it), and most importantly, I guess that I’d rather make jokes about sports, particularly my beloved Green Bay Packers, more than anything else. So, I started fumbling (pun intended) my way through writing, producing, editing, creating, hosting content and hosting live events, all things, save for the on-camera hosting, that I NEVER wanted to do. I wanted to host and have someone else write, produce, edit, and I was terrified of anything live. But, the universe has a funny way of leading you to the things you were afraid of doing and turns out the universe was right about this one. There were what feels like a million bumps, wrong turns, missed jobs, workshops, moments of almost giving it all up, deals done and taken away, but it’s been a beautiful and wild ride." Click the photo to read more!

"In the weeks leading up to her wedding in July 2018, Rebecca Zaccard’s phone rang.

On the other end of the line was Rossi Morreale, the founder and CEO of Event Host Live, a company that aims to “develop, coach and supply the best hosts/emcee’s for any and all types of live events.”


Morreale wanted to know what Zaccard had planned for the days following her nuptials.

A trip was in the works, the Janesville native explained.

“Well,” Morreale responded, “Now you’re headed to Green Bay ...”

The honeymoon could wait. Zaccard’s dream gig beckoned."

Wow. What an amazing article. Click the link to read more!

Host Rebecca Zaccard joins the TitleTown Brawl Podcast

Rebecca talks with J and Dave about her career and Packers football

J and Dave talk Packers Draft Prospects, Eli Berkovits drops in, and the guys are joined by Rebecca Zaccard host for Packers Everywhere!

Ted talks with Angela Lauren, and Rebecca Zaccard, hosts for the Super Bowl live experience, from radio row for Super Bowl 50.

Front page feature from the Business Journals

"Part of the appeal could be Zaccard herself. She came to Los Angeles six years ago to act, but on the show, she plays herself. She’s goofy and playful in a girl-next-door kind of way. You want to drink beer and eat wings with her and listen to her talk about football — because even if you know nothing about the NFL, you can tell she does..." (Read More)

I Want Her Job Feature

"How is BLITZED different from other sports shows?

We created and developed the show we both wanted to watch and that we felt was missing from the sports world. There’s a time and a place for SportsCenter, for former NFL players debating and giving predictions, but we’re not that! The way I like to describe it is that some people go to CNN for their news, while others go to The Daily Show. We’re more Jon Stewart than Anderson Cooper..." (Read More)

Fanzo Girl

"Rebecca is also an actress (not aspiring, actually makes a living on it!) who has recently carved out a niche in the sports vertical. Fanzo loves Rebecca, and here’s why!..." (Read More)

Will Sean Podcast?

"Rebecca Zaccard co-hosts the popular web-series, “BLITZED,” a comedic review of the week’s NFL games. She’s also a Green Bay Packers fan because, you know, Wisconsin..." (Listen)

Super Geeked Up

"We talk about our favorite fictional sports games (Quidditch!) with the awesome Rebecca Zaccard from series Blitzed! Plus we play a rousing game of Name That Geeky Character and do some Trailer Trash, looking at upcoming trailers good and bad!..." (Watch)

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