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Hosting LACMA Local: Degas Event on July 23rd!

An after hours game night at LACMA? Yes, please.

What a delightful opportunity to host a Degas inspired Bingo extravaganza this Saturday night! Can you think of anything more fun than a night at the museum, not with Ben Stiller or a tiny Owen Wilson, but with fellow art lovers, lovers of fun, cocktails, and yours truly? Sounds pretty good to me. I'd be excited to attend (and try my damndest to win some of those sweet prizes), but I'm lucky enough to host! If you can't make the festivities, don't worry. I'll make sure to post some behind the scenes action, much like Degas painted behind the scenes looks at the lives of dancers. Much like that...except I'm pretty sure that the medium of a famous French artist trumps my iPhone.

LACMA Local is a new program that aims to connect museum members not only to the art, but also to each other. They host all sorts of different events every other Saturday. For more information or to get tickets to this weekend's event. Click here:

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