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On Saturday, I worked out for the first time since this dang cold knocked me on my ass...and then Pound proceeded to kick my ass. If you haven't tried Pound yet, DO IT. It's the most fun, empowering, and exhausting (I mean that in the best way) workout that I've tried. There's nothing quite like beating the floor while screaming Paramore. There's some deep seated teenage girl rage in all of us. Some more than others, but still. I discovered Pound at my gym, Crunch (read: my favorite gym...ask me about what we refer to as the Beyoncé dance class. Yeah, you heard me). ANYWAYS, I discovered Pound, fell in workout-love with it, one thing lead to another, and I ended up getting booked for the Rebel School photo shoot for the Fall fashion line. Sweet, right?! We had a blast, got sweaty, and hopefully got some great shots. What more could you really ask for?

So, besides just gushing about my workout crush, here are some behind the scenes shots:

And a Behind the scenes video to boot:

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